March 12–15

Exhibition of technologies and equipment for metallurgy, foundry industry and finished metal products.

March 12–15

22nd Specialized Exhibition of Technologies and Equipment for Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking Industry and Welding Engineering

April 16–19

2nd International Specialized Exhibition-Forum of Medical Equipment, Instruments, Consumables, Pharmaceuticals as well as Medical and Health Resort Services.

September 11–13

The 22th interregional exhibition of technologies and equipment for oil, gas and chemical industry.

September 24–27

Specialized regional project, a meeting place for mechanical engineers and metallurgists.

October, 15–18

International specialized exhibition and forum of medical equipment, instruments, consumables, pharmaceuticals, medical and health resort services.

October, 23–25

The 6th interregional exhibition of technologies, equipment and specialized machinery for mining and benefication of ores and minerals

November 6–8

Interregional medical and pharmaceutical exhibition and forum of technologies, equipment, consumables, scientific developments, digitalization and health services and manpower development.