Education and Career

November 16–19
plan to participate again

The Interregional Exhibition-Forum of Educational Institutions, Educational Technologies and Vacancies

Thanks to the «Education and Career» exhibition, high school graduates from Perm and Perm Krai can make the choice of their future profession, whereas students can find opportunities for their career development. The «Education and Career» event is one of the most sought-after and informative theme-based projects in our region.

    The main thematic areas of the Exhibition-Forum:

    For pupils:
  • general education institution: gymnasiums, vocational schools, schools
  • postsecondary institution
  • institutions of additional education: training centers for business education, centers for advanced training, and professional retraining courses
  • language centers
  • training centers for Unified State Exam, Basic State Examination and Final State Examination
  • foreign education, foreign privately operated boarding schools

  • For high school graduates:
  • public and electronic libraries
  • educational specialized publication, visual aids
  • teaching and methodological materials
  • business books
  • developmental and cognitive literature

    For students:
  • distance education, continuing education centers
  • internship in Russia and abroad
  • pupils and students exchange programs
  • programs for the gifted young people
  • scholarship funds, support, and grants

  • For educational workers:
  • information technology for education
  • computer information technologies to manage educational processes, educational institutions, and distance learning organizing
  • methodological and logistics support of the educational process
  • facilities and equipment for technical support of the educational process; teaching and laboratory equipment; inventory
  • furniture for educational institutions; office materials
    Special section «Personnel for advanced technologies»:
    For students, high school graduates, applicants: employing companies:
  • partner enterprises for educational institutions
  • consulting companies in education and recruitment
  • professional advice given to job seekers by employment service specialists

  • Events within the scope of the exhibition-forum:
  • The Forum of the Ministry of Education and Science of Perm Krai
  • The Job Fair of Perm and Perm Krai
  • Crash tests for professions
  • The Great Teacher-Parent Meeting (held by the Minister of Education of Perm Krai)
  • Excursions to higher education institutions and to enterprises
  • A daily concert and entertainment program at the exhibitors’ stands
  • A game for high school students «Guide for your success»

Working hours

January 21: 11.30 am – 07.00 pm
January 22-23: 10.00 am – 07.00 pm
January 24: 10.00 am – 05.00 pm

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Free admission to the event.


This year, we participated in the educational exhibition in Perm for the first time. Our university is a member of the educational project 5-100, in which we open new subjects of our country to attract talented applicants from. In addition, over the past few years there has been an increase in applicants from Perm Krai. So, we are glad that the citizens of Perm are interested in our university. In terms of the organization, the exhibition was excellent. In addition, the number of visitors was quite satisfactory, and we were pleased with the cooperation. Thank you very much for the positive and fruitful cooperation, we will take part in the exhibition next year with great pleasure.
Andjey Stasiak
The TumGU project office director
At the "Education and Career" exhibition, we work within the framework of cooperation with an HR-brand. The event is a high-quality one in terms of the audience and participants, but is difficult to assess. We are sure that participation in the exhibition will be fruitful, because students approached us at the stand and asked questions about the practical training in the company. The "Education and Career - 2019" exhibition was organized at a very high level, as always. It is noteworthy that from year to year the exhibition program is not repeated. The fair is growing, and more and more interactive activities and opportunities are materialized. This makes us very happy.
Alyona Slinko
Leading Specialist, Department of Attraction and Development of Perm Branch of PAO “T Plus”
We participate in the "Education and Career" exhibition every year. This is an excellent event of this format, where you can find students for internship, and young professionals who are ready to build a career in our company. Because organized groups of applicants and students from the Perm Krai and the neighboring regions visit the exhibition, for us this is a good chance to get acquainted and show our capabilities.
Maria Borodulina
Senior Specialist of the Personnel Selection and Assessment Department, PAO Uralkali
On one hand, our task at the exhibition this year was to form a brand operating as an employer, and existing among young people, and on the other, to work with educational institutions. We wanted to show the specialists that “Er-Telecom” is not only Perm, but the whole of Russia, and that we have many IT specialties and professions of high technological level. It was important for us to professionally orient the children so that they can choose those universities that cooperate with us, and can come to practice in our company in the future. A huge advantage of the "Education and Career" exhibition is its large scale, as well as its high-quality business program for professionals. This exhibition is also an opportunity to get acquainted with other participants. Right when the fruitful work was finished, the applications for students practical training started to come.
Natalia Zaitseva
Leading Specialist for Career management of AO ER-Telecom Holding Company
Our university participated in the exhibition for the first time in 2019. FEFU successfully enrolled and trained children from the city of Perm and Perm Krai. It is important that graduates are ready both to work in Primorsky Krai and to return to their native Perm Krai. We are glad we participated in this event. The vast majority of participants who have passed through the entire exhibition space are students in classes 7–10. While contacting with them, we take into account two fundamental peculiarities. First, relevant information that will be useful to them will appear on the eve of the year of their admission. Secondly, at the age of 13–16 the mind – for the most part – is controlled by emotions, and it is difficult for schoolchildren to make long-terms plans for the future. Therefore, it is important that children come to the exhibition with their parents.
Alexander Vladyka
Counselor at the rectorate of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)
This is not the first time that the College is participating in the "Education and Career" exhibition. A great number of young people that you can meet here are either our potential students or interested people choosing their professions. Many of them come with their parents. We were presented not only as a college of Olympic reserves, but also as a regional operator of the “Ready for Labor and Defense” program. Now, when accomplishing the “Ready for Labor and Defense” program standards, some universities give extra points to the Unified State Exam. Therefore, we also had an additional audience, for which we explained how, when and where you can reach qualifying standards and get a mark of distinction. Next year, we will definitely take part in the exhibition, as this is a good opportunity to communicate directly with applicants.
Alexander Naumov
Head of Regional Testing Center for All-Russian Sports Complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” in Perm Krai (Perm Krai’s Olympic Reserve College)