Organizing forums and congresses

Organizing forums and congresses
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The Perm Fair offers the following advantages:
  • A team of professionals specialized in congress activities
  • Our own call center
  • Partnership relations with business entities, government authorities, and public associations
  • An opportunity to work in other city venues (subject to sufficient infrastructure)

Organizing forums and congresses includes:
  • Developing an event concept
  •  Developing thematic and content-related matters of the event and the business program
  • Involvement of experts, speakers, moderators
  • Selection and involvement of partners of the event
  • Attracting the target audience
  • Mailing campaigns
  • Our call center operation
  • Arrangement of work of the Registration counter
  • Site development and furnishing of conference rooms and congress halls
  • Equipping with the necessary sound, lighting, projection and other equipment
  • Display and decoration works
  • Arrangement of all necessary infrastructures: cafes, walkways, toilets, bins, etc.
  • Providing furniture, utility rooms, meeting rooms, dressing rooms, etc.
  • Design and production of printed and graphic materials
  • Advertising and Media Campaigns
  • Technical and organizational support of the event


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